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I'm a PHP programmer/Web Developer. My son, now 11, wants to learn Game Programming. I'm not a all familiar with game programming and looking for recommendations for someone of his age to begin to learn game programming. I have some questions:

I assume games are written in lots of languages. What would be the best (maybe most popular) one for him to learn specifically for game programming?

We are a Mac Family. Can he learn to do this on a Mac or do we need to get a Windows based computer? It's fine if we do. I want him to learn on a platform that would be the most practical for his future if he should decide to pursue this as a career.

Any good books out there that you would recommend for an 11 year old? I should mention that has not done any programming at all at this point, but he is motivated about game programming so I really would like a great book for him (and I, I'll be doing this with him in the beginning) to learn the basics.

Thanks much for your help.




  • Well, while browsing I came across this, hope this could help you gain knowledge on game programming.
    [url=]Test Management[/url]
  • is a simple 3D Java programming environment. It is good for beginners because it prevents syntax errors totally. Everything is drag and drop, but still involves programming. It's highly recommended for children in middle school.

    Personally, I would recommend Adobe Flash. Try to get him started with the new stuff if you can. It's very expensive, but you might be able to get the EXTREMELY reduced student price since he's 11 and (I assume) in school. also has a nice game builder. It has it's own "language" which is fairly simple to use, but teaches syntax and everything that you need with programming. There's a trial for 30-days and the full program is only $15. Not much to lose if he only likes it a little.
    Noob programmer at Actionscript and C++.

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