error when debugging programs in the tasm 5.0

I am using the book Mastering Turbo Assembler 2nd edition
using the tasm 5.0.(o book uses the version 4.0, but with a lot of cost that I got to find
it was the version 5.0)
the problem is that don't get to carry the programs in I darken him/it way debugger none
if I use the debugger for of the he says that the program was link with a wrong version
of the linker(I use tasm and tlink for compiling and linker respectively in the prompt of the one of the)
if I try to use the tlink32 he says that the program has segments of 16 bits e not linker. if I try to carry in I darken him/it debuger for win32 he says when carrying
that the program is not of 32 bits if I try the debugger for windos(without the 32 he says that is not
a program windows). the one that me more I find funny it is that when typing tasm and tlink in the prompt
without anything else he informs that the version of the tasm is 4.1 and of the tlink 5.0
in the book it is taught that to use the debugger it is the best way to learn assembly therefore
not to solve that is in bad

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