hiding process in task manger

i need to hide process in task manager in c++ builder6 or install my application as a service


  • hi rashidi
    Application->ShowMainForm = false;
    place the following line between he next two lines
    Application->CreateForm(__classid(TForm1), &Form1);
    you may find these two lines in your Project CPP file, usually called Project1.cpp
    have fun
    Mohammad Nasim
  • hello mohammad

    i will hide my application in the application tab of microsoft windows task manager.your code hide main form of application but i want show this form


    morteza rashidi
  • well, try to assign a negative value to the process ID (PID)
    this is the general idea to make your process hidden and many viruses uses this technique, but really, i don't know how to accomplish that
    see ya
    Mohammad Nasim
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