Intel Turbo Memory and Linux

Hi Guys,
Intel has released its Intel Turbo Memory a 1-2GB of Memory close to the CPU which is about to do a lot of nice things from caching a lot of data and files saving hard-disk energy consumption and also work like a cache speeding up processes and making the system more responsive.

Originally it is designed for the Windows VISTA, in an attempt to make the a bit more popular because nobody want them as far as I know. The question is :

Is it possible to use such a memory in Linux and overload malloc e.t.c. in order to USE it as a higher LEVEL cache e.t.c. Does anybody know anything? Anybody tested/benchmarked it? Do not tell me that it makes the system more responsive because this is crap. It is the same as when you take vitamins and feel more energetic. One should test heavy mathematical libraries like Goto BLAS or ATLAS BLAS and see if there is any performance increase.

Any ideas?

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