Shared Linux Library converted to FreeBSD one

Hi there,
I was wondering if one could do the following. I have some shared library compiled natively in 64bit Linux with the gfortran compiler. I new this was not going to work but I took that library and try to write a simple code which calls it in FreeBSD. Then compile the main.cpp natively in FreeBSD and tried to link the main.o with the which was compiled in Linux and it is a native Linux library. I could not link. I got errors.

Do not please tell me to compile the executable in Linux and run it in FreeBSD through the Linux compatibility ABI. I do not want to run a Linux executable in FreeBSD. I do not care. I want to be able to compile code in FreeBSD and link it with this Linux library. In order to do this I should be able to remove any code related to Linux and replace it with the corresponding code (from the object file) a freebsd library should have.

Anyways I could achieve that?

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