nusoap ->register ???

Hello @all,

i am new and i try to create a webservice using nusoap.
the service should provide a function that becomes a arraylist with parms and return another arraylist.
my problem is, i dont know how to code the register method for this function ??

my Code so far:
require_once 'nusoap.php';

$soap = new soap_server();
$soap->configureWSDL('IDSTEST', ''); $soap->wsdl->schemaTargetNamespace = '';

'parray' => 'xsd:????????????????'
'farray' => 'xsd:????????????????????????'
$soap->service(isset($HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA) ? $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA : ''); function strtest($parray) {
// business logic ...
return $farray;

// ------------- Client -------------
$funcarray[0] = array("parm1"="1","parm2"="car","parm3"="green");
$funcarray[1] = array("parm1"="2","parm2"="bike","parm3"="red");
$funcarray[2] = array("parm1"="3","parm2"="mbike","parm3"="blue");

$soap = new soapclient('http://...?wsdl', true); $proxy = $soap->getProxy();

$erglist= $proxy->strtest($funcarray);

can anybody give me some help, to get the service running?
perhaps anybody has examples of function with array as parms with the wsdl-files, so i can look at.

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