help me... maybe it's not the right place for this topic

my questions sound more like a beginner ones, but if you don't get annoyed and know the answer to them please help(i don't feel like starting new threads in different sections for every question from below)!
1) i have the german version of Windows Vista Home Premium . I got the original DVD when i bought
my PC (in Germany ). At the first OS installation after buying (and the only i've made until now) it was automatically
installed in german language. i would like to have it in romanian (and english in the "background"). what should i do?
can i find other language versions on my DVD, or download some language files from the internet or do I need to buy a new
DVD which has the OS (only) in english (a new licence) ?
2) i have an 4 Gb USB stick which is problematic (since buying). When i plug it to the PC the CPU load goes very high (very often 100% for
very long time, almost during the whole time the stick is connected - the running applications are freezing, or strongly slowing down).
i've formatted it into the FAT system (the default formatting
was FAT32). I know that this type of formatting is not very memory efficient, but it's getting better to some extent (CPU load is going lower (80%),
but not the whole time (it reaches 100% often, nevertheless). my hdd is partitioned in 2 drives: C: - NTFS and D: - FAT32. i've noticed that the
CPU load goes also high when operating with D: (reading, writing files,etc,), but it's not so critical as at the USB Stick. I don't know
if it has so much to do with the formatting, but I don't know other causes.
3)can I delete the following folders:
c:UsersDefaultAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet Files
c:UsersDefaultAppDataLocalTemporary Internet Files
and some hidden folders in the recycle bin (with some strange files with the $ symbol at the beginning of the file name)?
do they have a meaning? i've used a disk clean utility from the "accesories" section from the "start" menu, but I think there
are still many unneeded files left to be deleted. What else could be deleted in order to get more free space on HDD ?
4)When i choose a tiny memory model in the Turbo C++ 3.0 compiler i'm getting a "no stack" message. despite that the generated
.exe files seem to run normally. Is there a problem ? my applications are small (dozens of program lines and dozens of KB size
of .exe files).

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