In a Word Macro, grab data from another (non-MS office) programme

Dear all,

I want to write a Macro for Word which takes some (clearly specified) data from another (non MS-office) programme running parallely.

Concretely: I use an audio player for playing interviews which I type in Word. The audio player ("f4" is its name) shows, somewhere in its window, at any time what hour/minute/second of the record we are listening. I want my Word Macro to grab this data from the "f4" programme and put it (in the form, for example: "1:20:23" for: one hour, 20 minutes, 23 seconds) as regular text into my word document, at the cursor's position.

My problem is: I have no clue how to tell the Macro to find this data in the parallely running f4 programme.
In human language, the algorithm would be: "Go to the programme f4, search there for the information on the playing time of the record currently played, and take over this information into a variable".

(Note: The string structure of the data I want to take from f4 is always the same: It looks like "00:00:00-0", for hours:minutes:seconds-tenthsofseconds. I actually do not need the tenths, and I do not need the first figure of the hours counter either, but this is simply a string operation, and I will get along with this. What I need is help how to [b]grab[/b] the relevant data from f4)

Perhaps it is helpful information that in "f4" the data in question (time mark) is available not only on the counter in the window. Rather, f4 has its own built-in text editor (which I however do not want to use for typing). Pressing the f8 function key (when f4 is running) puts the time mark (example: #01:20:23-9#) into the f4 text editor window. What I want is just grabbing this data and use it, as a text section, in Word. This will safe me transfering it manually through copy-paste.

Thanks for all contributions and suggestions,

Christian Geiselmann


  • Hi

    My first idea would be to use an API function in order to get the 'Handle' of the other program (simultaneously running) from which you would like to grab info.

    Concerning API function I know a quite good user guide called "[link=]API-Guide 3.7[/link]":

    Well it doesn't seem to be easy.
    May be my post will constitute a first direction.

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