.Bas to .Scr?

I'm not sure how ridiculous of a question this is, but I would like to turn my basic files into screensavers.

I've tried converting the file to an .exe using qbasic 4.5 and then changing the file from an .exe to a .scr, but it makes a weird Dos Shortcut (Pif?) thing. When I delete the Shortcut, the file turns back into an .exe again. (Excuse My Lack of Computer/DOS Knowledge)

If this can't be done, is there a way to turn my .bas files into an .exe file that isn't hooked up to MsDos? (I doubt it..)



  • just rename the .exe file to somename.scr

    i think this will work
  • Please
    Will u help me in converting .bas into .exe
    I am very hopeful to your help for me
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