VS2003 Project Properties - Not Editable - Fix?


This is my first post, and I am somewhat of a beginner. Greetings.

I am using VS2003 and have run into a problem with the IDE. When I select the Project >> Properties of a project the dialog opens, but the properties for each of the items in the treeview which have an associated property page are blank where there should be options for the selected item. The command line options are displayed though, although not editable. I was wondering if there was an option/fix for this.

I have the correct .NET framework (1.1) and appropriate SDK files are installed. The problem is with any project file that I open. I have tried reinstalling VS2003 to no avail. I also have the VS2003 SP1 installed too.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

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  • Wow, VS.NET 2008 has been out, why not use that instead or use VS.NET 2005 at least which is much more powerful and easier to use. (Though it's a little bit slower than VS.NET 2003).

    For edit of the project properties, I think it should be no problem. Perhaps you can open the [Project].csproj file in note pad directly and edit it from there.

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