IVR and GoogleCalendar

[b][link=http://www.voicent.com/ivr.php?a=8223]IVR[/link] and GoogleCalendar Instruction[/b]

Many people have the experience of using the Calendar,it does facilitate our works and lifes.But most of the Calendars are based on text alert, that means you can only get the reminder event in front of your computer.

So I think if the Calendar can remind me by phone.If I want to achieve this idea, I need a Calendar that can provide me APIs, a technology that can make me to call through programming.

Fortunately,these technologies for this idea have been provided by some company,Google Calendar and [link=http://www.voicent.com/ivr.php?a=8223]IVR[/link](IVR is based on Skype,so your environment must have the Skype installed first).

About the [link=http://www.voicent.com/ivr.php?a=8223]IVR[/link],I've posted some articles to introduce it.You can view them:

[link=http://www.codeproject.com/kb/aspnet/ivr.aspx]IVR used in Voicent Gateway[/link]
[link=http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/IVRAndFacebook.aspx]IVR used in Facebook[/link]

Or, you can investigate it throught the Google Search,there are lots of article to introduce it.Now, we'll mainly concentrate on the Google Calendar.
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