how to get dynamically generated radio buttons id's

in my application i am using the following code to display
requested number of Questions and it's Answers in a page. after
clicking Finish button i have to save the selected options into Sql
database table


my code is:

static int noq;
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
noq = Convert.ToInt16(Session["Noq"]);


DataSet ds1 = new DataSet("questionsds");
int NumberOfQuestions = 0;

public void ReadQuestionsIntoTable()

SqlConnection cn=new SqlConnection("user id=sa;
password=sa123; database=questionbank;data source=MERCURY-987BECC");
SqlDataAdapter da1 = new SqlDataAdapter("Select * From
Question Where idquestion IN(Select idQuestion From Category_Details
Where idSubCategory IN(Select idSubCategory From SubCategory Where
SubCategoryName='" + Session["SelectedSubCategory"].ToString()+ "'))",
SqlDataAdapter da2 = new SqlDataAdapter("Select * From
Answer_Detail Where idquestion IN(Select idQuestion From
Category_Details Where idSubCategory IN(Select idSubCategory From
SubCategory Where SubCategoryName='" +
Session["SelectedSubCategory"].ToString() + "'))", cn);

// Fill the questions and choices tables in memory
DataTable QuestionsTable=ds1.Tables["Questions"];
DataTable ChoicesTable=ds1.Tables["Choices"];

// create a data relation between the Questions and Choices

DataRelation QALink=new

// go through every row in the questions table
// and place each question in the Table Web Control

for (int i = 0; i < noq;i++ )
DataRow dr = QuestionsTable.Rows[i];
// create a row for the question and read it from the
TableRow tr = new TableRow();
TableCell aCell = new TableCell();

// get the text for the question and stick it in the cell
aCell.Text = dr["Qname"].ToString();
string[] AnswerArray = new string[50];
AnswerArray[NumberOfQuestions] = dr["Answer"].ToString();

// create a row for the choices and read from the database
int count = 0;

// go through the child rows of the question table

foreach (DataRow choiceRow in dr.GetChildRows(QALink))
TableRow tr2 = new TableRow();

// create a cell for the choice
TableCell aCell3 = new TableCell();
aCell3.Width = 1000;

// align the choices on the left
aCell3.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Left;

// create a radio button in the cell
RadioButton rb = new RadioButton();

// assign the radio button to Group + QuestionID
rb.GroupName = "Group" +

// Assign the choice to the radio button
rb.Text = choiceRow["options"].ToString();

// Assign the radio button id corresponding to the
choice and question
rb.ID ="Radio" + NumberOfQuestions.ToString()
+Convert.ToChar(count + 65);

rb.Visible = true;

// add the radio button to the cell

// add a table row between each question
// as a spacer
TableRow spacer = new TableRow();
spacer.Height = 30;
TableCell spacerCell = new TableCell();
spacerCell.Height = 30;



after clicking button, how should i save the selected option into
database table(Result table). because during above code, when number
of question is 10(i.e.. noq=10), then 10 questions will be displayed
along with options.
the generated radio button id's are


how should i use these id's to save selected option into database..if
number of question is changed the generated id's also change..


  • Hello, I think I have previously come across with the same situation as you are now.

    My solution is to use JavaScript to save the user checked IDs to a hidden HTML control which has property: runat="server" and on any server method, I can access the above hidden HTML control and loop through the checked IDs and save them to the database.

    Just to give you some hints and hope this helps you a little bit... :)

    I'm Brad Wang...
    .NET Freelancer from China
    Skype: brad_wang
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