display dimensions from IGES file

Hi all,

I have a code that loads an IGES file into memory and translates all the IGES entities in the file into OCC shapes. My code is:

#include "IGESControl_Reader.hxx"
#include "TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient.hxx"
#include "TopoDS_Shape.hxx"

int main()
IGESControl_Reader myIgesReader;
Standard_Integer nIgesFaces,nTransFaces;
myIgesReader.ReadFile ("solid.igs");
//loads file MyFile.igs
Handle(TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient) myList = myIgesReader.GiveList("iges-faces");
//selects all IGES faces in the file and puts them into a list called //MyList,
nIgesFaces = myList->Length();
nTransFaces = myIgesReader.TransferList(myList);
//translates MyList,
cout<<"IGES Faces: "<<nIgesFaces<<" Transferred:"<<nTransFaces<<endl;
TopoDS_Shape sh = myIgesReader.OneShape();
//and obtains the results in an Open CASCADE shape.
return (0);

The file being loaded "solid.igs" is a 3D rectangular box.

I need to display the marked dimensions of the IGES file...
I'm a beginner.

Any one have an idea..

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