PM in Visual Studio 2008 - keeping versions

Hello, my name is Douba.

I own the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition and I am privately working on several small-scale projects. I wonder if there is any built-in way of keeping different versions of a project. For instance, I would like to make a snapshot at certain project stages, try out a few things and then be able to revert back to the snapshot version.

Of course, there are many manual ways to accomplish the same. Usually, I make a backup of my project folder and restore it later if needed, or I clone the current project within the solution. I would just like to know whether something like this could also be done "within the IDE", so if anyone knows something about this, please let me know. A short hint to where I can read on will suffice.

Thank you!

Regards, Douba.


  • all i know is that there's no way for you to see your PM report in any versions
  • Even I own Microsoft Visual Studios and as far as I am concerned still I didn't find any proper ways and I think there are no ways to snapshot every stages in Projects



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