Updating a simple dll from VB6 to .NET

I had a simple dll developed in VB6 that returned a string from a public function. In ASP you created the object and set a local variable to the string returned from the dll. I migrated to .Net Mostly because I cannot find my VB6 install disk. (dont laugh) Ok so now I get an error when trying to register the dll, DllRegisterserver entry point not found.
Any ideas?

Dim objNew , MyConnect
'Server name
MyConnect = "sometext"

Set objNew = Server.CreateObject("Cyclops.WebData")
'servername inserted into larger string
Application("Variable") = objNew.WebConnect(MyConnect)
Set objNew = Nothing

The VB function was something like this
Public Function SensitiveData(ByRef strInput As String) As String
SensitiveData = "some sensitive data here:" & strInput

End Function

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