Looking for help with small MOG

Hi. I need help creating a type of volleyball game that can be played over the net. I'm intermediate at VB.Net and I most likely want the game coded with it. I know C# just about as good as VB but i prefer to make it with VB.Net. I'm looking for a dedicated team of developers and 2d artists. Beginners to Intermediates only for programming. My main purpose for the game is to learn as well as help others learn with me. The game will be free to play forever; although, gamers can pay a little money for extra features to their account. All money received from the game will be put to keeping the game's server up. Maximum amount of team members preferred is 7-8.

If you are interested please contact by email or on MSN: [b]Staticboy4491@hotmail.com[/b]

[italic]Through MSN we will keep in contact with each other.[/italic]

Beginner Game Developer,
Shaka M.
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