Undesired values being pushed to the call stack

Hi everyone,

Suppose I've written the following chunk of code (I know it has a format string bug in it, so DON'T remark this):
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
int x = 1;
return 0;

As far as I know when the printf() function is being called the stack looks like this:
[code]old %ebp {2}
return address (printf)
x (1)
old %ebp {1}
return address (main)

This layout basically means that if I run the program with "%x" as its invocation argument (and yes, I know it's a format string bug) I should get the value of x, which is 1.

However, in reality what I get is this:
[code]$ ./program "%x" 8049658[/code]

Second execution attempt:
[code]$ ./format "%x %x %x %x" 8049658 ffffd4f8 8048469 1[/code]

My question is what are those strange values being pushed onto the stack? Is there any way to turn down this nasty feature?

Thanks in advance.
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