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I have been looking for source of information about resource files in Builder C++ (ver. 6). How to add custom cursors and images to resource files. Could you share your knowledge on this topic, please?
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  • OK, nobody knows,so this is what I learned so far:
    The easiest way is to open Tools | Image editor and from File | New you can create a new resource file or you can open an existing resource file (File | Open | Resource file ... ). Then you can add a new object to the resource (Bitmap, Icon or Cursor). However, if you want to add more than one item to the same resource file, it doesn't work and you get stuck in a loop (Name 1 == Name 2, resource not found etc.).
    But this is only one problem, the next problem is how to use the new resource (cursor) in the application. I loaded the cursor using the Screen->Cursors[newCursor] = LoadCursor( HInstance, "MyNewCursor") function and used it in the appropriate place (Screen->Cursor = newCursor;). It works OK, but the problem is, that I can't get back the original cursor which was loaded before the "MyNewCursor". I think it has something to do with the Windows API routine LoadCursor - any help is welcome.
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  • The IDE makes it way too complicated. Check out how to write .RC files, it is really easy and can be done in any text editor. When you have a .RC file you compile it to a .RES (resource) file. This can for example be done with Borlands free resource compiler.

    Once you have a .RES file you should be able to link it to your project.
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