Excel VBA Urgent HELP Please!!!!

Hi I am a newbie in VBA programming and require help urgently... I am trying to compare two cells in a training system excel sheet. The values are located in different sheets of the same workbook. Here is a sample .

Sheet 1

Training Type Course Name of candidate
Technical VBA Sriam NOMINATED
Technical VBA Raj OPEN
Behavorial VBA Shekhar NOMINATED
Behavorial Communication Amit NOMINATED
Managerial Management Ajit OPEN

Sheet2 (PS Sheet2 is a table with all the courses listed
Behavoirial technical and managerial are the column headings which indicate training type as shown in sheet1

Behavorial Technical Managerial
5S Awareness Vis Mockup Management
VBA Advanced

What i like to do is compared Sheet1 Course name with that of Sheet 2 Column B Course Name and display the candidates who are ONLY NOMINATED and signed up for that course(by looking at each sheet) and displaying them in order (i.e) for Proe courses who are the candidates who signed up ???... How do I do that in VBA coding?....Please help me.......!!!"

Also How do I count each candidate that are nominated and signed up for that particular coourse (i.e) count in Excel VBA


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