Looking for an agent that can help me in getting WOTC!

Hey, I am an employer and I am looking for an agent that can do all the paperwork and file work on my behalf on what is needed by states and IRS to get a WOTC. Can anyone help me in this?
Please do reply and give me some suggestion.
Thanks in advance!!


  • Hi, I was facing the same problem, then my friend had suggested me to go to [url=http://www.bottomlineprofitability.com/index.html]Bottom Line Profitability [/url] . They are really good. They work like an agent between you and IRS. They do all the papers and file work. They complete the Individual Characteristics Form, Work Opportunity Tax Credit and ETA 9061.You just need to give them IRS form 2848 Power-of-Attorney and Declaration of Employer Representative. Then they will do all the duty on behalf of you.
    Hope my suggestion will help you!!!!!

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