problem with c++ graphics

i am using tuboc3,.. whenever i run a program with graphics it does compile without any errors .....but after this the dos window is closed automatically
and i am back to windows i dont get any output ...
i have enabled the graphics option and the initgraph() has the correct path to the bgi folder.


  • Type getchar() at the bottom of your program. If that doesn't work, you will have to post more details and/or the code, or it is impossible to tell why it doesn't work.

    But note that Turbo C is an [italic]extremely old[/italic] compiler for DOS. There are no guarantees that DOS programs will work on modern Windows computers. DOS has been obsolete for 14 years now... might be time to consider Windows programming instead.
  • actually the same code used to work with my previous PC which had xp...
    but i am now definitely switching to windows....

  • The classic problem with the dinosaur BGI programs was the file called egavga.bgi. If the program can't find this file (usually found under TCBGI), it will not work. Best option is to include it in your TC project and link it together with the program.
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