Segmenting a Database, interfacing with SQL

hi folks. I'm currently working on my final year project, which is the realization of an efficient fingerprint authentication system. I'm developing the database with VB.Net's SQL, and i intend using the powerful tool of Matlab. my issues are as follows
1. using Matlab to create 5 segments/partitions, each partition is the name of a group of fingerprints, eg loop, whorl, arch, etc
2. using Matlab to obtain a unique ID for a scanned fingerprint, and placing it in the correct segment, eg whorl-001, loop-001, etc.
3. interfacing with SQL Database created in VB.Net
My real issues are how to use the powerful tools of Matlab in realizing a fast authentication, so that a search is confined to a segment which will make it a lot faster.


  • hi.i am doing my final year project.i don't know how to get database using Matlab.please explain the steps te create database.reply
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