Displacement Mapping

Hello all,

I am embarking on a major programming project which is going to revolve around applying various surface reliefs to set geometrical structures, i.e. it is going to involve applying displacement maps to the geometries in order to create a surface texture on the shape. What my system is going to need to do is to have a 3D shape, then the code is going to generate a surface relief to apply, which the code then needs to apply to the shape and then display. So the code is going to generate this stuff itself, not take in any models or anything like that.

What I would like to know is what programming language set up would allow me sophisticated enough control over 3D structures? I'm looking at Java and Java 3D, but I'm not sure if displacement mapping is actually possible there, so I may have to look elsewhere, like at C++ using OpenGL or something, which is not ideal as it's much more complicated. Anyhoo, does anyone know what would allow me to do this? (just the discplacement mapping of 3D geometries through code, I know how the rest should work)

Thanks in advace,

Hayden Devlin
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