problem with the exe created during release mode

Hi friends,
I am working with vc++.Net...In my project i have to spawn an exe application(Say Ex:Notepad)...I used create process to spawn the Notepad application...Also i have one ini file which is used in my Project and an external dll created using C# code...In my project If i cant spawn the Notepad application due to any situation then i ll display a messsage "Cannot spawn the Child process".. My problem is : i have to create exe for this project in release mode...If i select "Release mode" from the IDE and run the application it works perfectly [After doing some changes in settings 1.Project Menu--->Property pages---> C/C++ --->General---> Debug Information Format , in changed to Program Database
2.)Property pages---> C/C++ ---Optimization---Optimization, i select disabled.]
after i did this changes application runs successfully and spawn the notepad application...

After running this i go to the release folder and try to run the exe file created there [by double clicking]...But i got the message "Cannot spawn the Child process".."Why??? Any known friends Help me...Thanks in advance...
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