how to save the tiff image in uncompressed form??

the application i am using requires the uncompressed tiff file having bit depth 1 and resolution of 300dpi. it is built in dot net 2003. whenever i open the uncompressed tiff image having bit depth 1 and save the same tiff image using savefiledialog function of dot net2003, the uncompressed tiff file becomes compressed and the bit depth is increased to 32. i haven't use any compression function. the code of saving the file is given below

[color=Blue]private: void saveImageFile()
saveImage->Filter= "Tiff files (*.tif)|*.tif" ;
saveImage->FilterIndex = 1 ;
saveImage->RestoreDirectory = true ;

System::Windows::Forms::DialogResult d = this->saveImage->ShowDialog();
if (d == System::Windows::Forms::DialogResult::OK)
// creating a bitmap
Bitmap* saveMyImage;
saveMyImage=new Bitmap(this->pictureBox1->Image);//,System::Drawing::Imaging::PixelFormat::Format1bppIndexed);
saveMyImage->PixelFormat::Format1bppIndexed;// this line doesnot work


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