How to inject C/C++ into exe files AUTOMATICALLY? (plz help-urgent!)

What i have to do actually is to "write a malware which injects malicious code into exe/com files) AUTOMATICALLY (e.g. not by using debuggers, hexeditors, etc). I have already written every part but the one concerning automatic infection of exe files.
Do u have any idea how i can do this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Alot of programs tend to inject themselves inside of a programs buffer. (buffer overflow). This can be much easier if you create a simple program yourself that overflows a global buffer. Using a linker map, you can easily get the location of the buffer in the executable file. Dump your code there to overflow into the programs executable code section.

    You can also just open up an executable, copy your code into the executables code section and replace the files header information to match your new program :-)

    There may be more ways to do this--I'll leave it to the other members if they have more ideas ;-)
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