PC serial Communication

hi all,
I need to communicate serially from pc to my deveice, I am able to acheive that thro turbo C application. It happens first time only. To communicate next time, again i need to colse my program and have to reload

How to solve this issue??


  • Umm... by correcting it? You will have to post more details.

    Also, Turbo C is completely obsolete DOS-stuff and might not work ok on Windows computers.
  • hi,
    thanks for your reply
    I am working in windows only, My Initial setup flow:

    Configure Port();//With receiver interrupt disabled
    SendData();//transmitting data through the RS232 port
    Wait loop();// wait till all my data received at ISR
    //Receiving data in the ISR
    DisplayData();//display the data only when i received all data

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