Picture boxes get stuck....

I made simple program that makes the picture box to move from the top of the form to go down up to the middle of the form when I clicked a label box. I have 5 labelboxes and picture boxes and 10 timers to make the picture boxes move, 2 for each picture box because if a picture box was already in the middle of the form and a different label box was clicked, the other picture box would move up and another one would go down.

Now my problem is that if I clicked on a label and the picture box is not yet positioned in the middle of the form and I clicked another label box, another picture box would go down and when that happens the program stucks up making the 2 pictureboxes stuck half way through the form.

I've been trying to solve this for days but I still haven't found the solution.... Need help... (T_T)

thank you...
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