C# Facial Expression Recognition

hellow guys! I have a problem. can you please help me to create a C# program that can recognized facial expression?
any help is highly appreciated


  • I suggest the following general procedure:

    1. Collect example images of the expressions to be recognized.
    2. Pre-process images (center faces, improve contrast, etc.)
    3. Extract relevant features (local minima, gradients, textures, etc.)
    4. Build classifier (neural network, linear discriminant, etc.)
    5. Test system.
    6. Celebrate!

    Notes on the above:
    1. Collect multiple examples of each expression, from multiple people.
    2. This is largely an image processing step. Do not neglect it: Doing it well can help a great deal down the line.
    3. Be creative in constructing features: This step can make the classifiers job much easier, if done well.
    4. This step will include the task of feature selection. Sometimes less is more: You will likely want to prune the features which are ultimately fed to the classifier, based on experimentation.
    5. Test on different people than are used for training the classifier.
    6. Do not forget this step!

    -Will Dwinnell
    [link=http://matlabdatamining.blogspot.com/]Data Mining in MATLAB[/link]

  • amelieamelie tunisie

    hi can you help me please need a source code for facial expression recognition

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