Undefined Type Error


I have developed the the thread program. I have the CDialogicApp and CDialogicView Class. I have declare the View class pointer in the CDialogicApp class and initialize that View pointer in the View class as below

CDialogicView* p_View; // In the Dialogic App Class

((CDialogicApp*)AfxGetApp())->p_View = this // In the View Class

Now i have created one thread dereived from CWinThread named as CChannel.

In the CChannel class(Thread Class) i am calling this line but i am getting error.

PostMessage(((CDialogicApp*)AfxGetApp())->p_View->m_hWnd, WM_USER+10, 2, 2)

But while executing the above line i am getting the below error

error C2707: use of undefined type 'CDialogicView'
see declaration of CDialogcView
error C2227 left of ->m_hWnd must point to class/struct/union

Help me to solve this probelm

Thanks in advance


  • Is m_hWnd declared public or private in that class? Could you post the class declaration?
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