Moving one row to another table

I have problems with my current SQL language. I am trying to have a command button that will move the information that I am viewing from my MissingVendorInfo form to the a new entry in VendorContacts. There are additional columns in VendorContacts, but these are the appriorate ones for the transfer.

- VendorName
- ContactFirstName
- ContactLastName
- Email
- Phone
- Fax
- Street
- StateProvience
- City
- PostalCode
- County
- Country

- Miss_VendorName
- Miss_ContactFirstName
- Miss_ContactLastName
- Miss_Email
- Miss_Phone
- Miss_Fax
- Miss_Street
- Miss_StateProvience
- Miss_City
- Miss_PostalCode
- Miss_County
- Miss_Country

Thanks for any help.


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