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As a part of my project on data structures,I have prepared
a small test survey on data structure across three languages - C/C++/java.This survey will help me in collecting and comparing the level of understanding and complexity of the three languages among different programmers.
All interested fellow programmers please visit the link given below. It will also quick brush up your DS skills.
Help will be greatly appreciated. [smile.gif]
here is the link -


  • Took a quick look at it.

    There is an (unintended?) issue with the first program: you are using int rather than unsigned int. ISO C allows int to either be signed or unsigned, it is implementation-specific. On a compiler that sets int as unsigned by default, your code will crash upon accessing array index 0xFFFF (16-bit machine) or 0xFFFFFFFF (32-bit machine).

    Also, void main() will not work on any standard compiler for hosted environments (Windows, Linux etc).
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