How to multiply 2 float number in asm(x86)?

Hello Everybody,
I need a source code how to get 2 number of input as keyboard and multiply 1 integer number to 1 float number?

INT * Float as 2*22.5=45

for masm32 (x86) please.


  • Whats up with all of these homework requests? I think PH should remove the "free source code" from its advertising...I think that might be part of the problem.

    In either case, while PH does contain free source code, the forums is not used for that. Homework questions, or asking for someone to write your program is against most of these boards rules.


    On a lighter note, I (and I am sure other members) would be glad to help you if you let us know more about what you need help with. Just dont ask us to do your work for you.

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