hi all,

i downloaded a dll which is called inpout32.dll
to learn basic interfacing in parallel port
using vb 6.0, My OS is windows xp pro sp2.
where do i paste this dll?
inside the inpout32.dll folder contains more folders like


if anyone could give me step by step instruction please do ^_^
thank you very much,
newbie guy in interfacing


  • If you can open the file to view its contents, then its not a *.dll--its just the folders name includes *.dll.

    As for your question, have a look in the binaries/ section and see what is in it. That should include your actual *.dll files.

    Other then that, for your original question, I am not too sure. The only safe bet is to read the instructions or contact the developers.
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  • This post has been deleted.
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