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I work in Marketing for a small, but (trying to be) world-class community theatre. At present we print a lot of our posters, brochures, pamphlets and the like in-house. We use a Canon CLC-3200C1 Printer to do so.

What I want to do is develop a printing macro that will automatically record or copy every print job from my computer, regardless of the application I use (i.e. Microsoft, Corel, Adobe, etc.). I want it so I can submit the info to finance and accounting and I don't always remember to write down information for everything I print.

I asked the support staff st the company where we lease our printer from and he said unless everybody uses a print ID to access the printer (not an option) the Canon printer cannot print out a log file for just my computer.

Is there a way to develop a printing macro for my machine (and turn it into an .exe that I can put on other PC's) that will record information (i.e. file name, date, application from which it was printed, number of pages, etc,)no matter which application I use to print from?

All replies are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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