AvisMap GIS Engine 5--Comprehensive Component GIS Development Platform

AvisMap GIS Engine 5--Comprehensive Component GIS Development Platform
1. Introduction
AvisMap GIS Engine is the basic development platform for AvisMap GIS suites, which is a new generation component GIS development platform for GIS application developers. AvisMap GIS Engine 5 provides powerful GIS functions through Active X controls based on Microsoft COM component technique standards. It allows users to rapidly develop professional GIS applications and increase GIS functions for classical management information system (MIS) by adding graphic visualization, spatial data processing, data analysis or other functions. AvisMap GIS Engine 5 constitutes several Active X components and many Automation Objects, which are conveniently embedded in the development of the popular visualization and high level development language. Developers can fully exert the advantages of Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Net, Visual C #.Net, Delphi, or any other high level development tool in objects orientated in programming and visualization programming design, and combine Active X third party components to develop various kinds of GIS systems easily.

2. Main Characteristics
Easy to Develop
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 provides the entire GIS functions in the form of the standard ActiveX components. Based on these components, users can develop powerful GIS applications by using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Visual C#.NET, Visual Basic. NET, Visual C++.NET, ASP.NET, or other popular development languages and seamlessly integrate them with OA, MIS, and other information systems.

Independently Distributed Operation
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 is a component development platform especially for the developer. The application software developed by this platform can be distributed and operated independently without AvisMap GIS suite, which decreases the complicated degree of application disposition and distribution costs.

Powerful Functions
AvisMap GIS Engine has 11 controls, 170 programming objects, 3000 development interfaces, and powerful development and suitable encapsulation granularity. The functions include graphics and attribute edit, topological processing, spatial analysis, 3D modeling and analysis, 3D visualization, thematic map creation, symbol filling library edition and management, layout printing, etc. AvisMap GIS Engine 5 is the powerful component GIS development platform that can be distributed and operated independently at present.

High Flexibility
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 is the component GIS development platform. Each of the GIS components can be flexibly dismantled and assembled like building blocks. The user can develop large-scale GIS projects with entire components and select portion components to develop a medium/small size GIS system according to requirements.

The high flexibility of AvisMap GIS Engine 5 makes developers fully consider the requirements of GIS project, projects costs, and other aspects. Therefore, developers can shop and assemble development easily for high software performance and decrease the costs and risks in development.

Embedded Large-scale Spatial Database Engine--SDM 5
The new spatial database engine -AvisMap SDM 5 is used in AvisMap GIS Engine 5.

Use two level indexes at the same time for accurate locating geospatial data and rapid data accessing.
Expand data encoding in data storing: have byte, word, threebyte, Dword, float or other encoding based on the original double encoding for saving the storage, accelerating access speed and decreasing the pressure of transfer in the internet.
Rebuild data storage structure. The SDM datasource can be opened nearly without Cache file supported which decrease the consumption of the system resources.

Combination of Objects Oriented and Topology Oriented
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 manages spatial data based on topology and object-oriented methods, and has all of their advantages. It offers more choices for data organization in the system to decrease the development difficulties in system designing.

The Combination of GIS and CAD
The AvisMap GIS Engine data model has both GIS and CAD types to fully exert their characteristics and advantages. At the same time, AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has integrated the CAD techniques, such as edit intellect snap, which increase AvisMap GIS Engine 5 functionalities.

Integrates with Other Systems Easily
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 constitutes a series standard components based on ActiveX techniques, which can optionally integrate and cooperate with popular development languages, such as OA, MIS and other systems for providing perfect system functionality.

Moderate Encapsulation Granularity
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 components have moderate encapsulation granularity which is flexible and easy to grasp. As comprehensive component GIS development platform, AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has a powerful function composed of a series controls by cooperation that optionally reduce for high flexibility. GIS platform development provides functions by controls, which helps the developer with his own intellectual property application products without AvisMap brand. AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has plenty of development interfaces to address the needs of the different GIS functions from medium and small to large projects.

SIT--External Image File
SIT(AvisMap Image Tower)--is a new external image file added to AvisMap GIS 5. It is similar with ECW and MrSID which can individually save the data in the disk and only store its citation in the datasource.

Comprehensive GIS Development Platform
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has reasonable structure, complete data model, perfect and powerful functions for directly supports many kinds of large-scale database and data format. Therefore, AvisMap GIS Engine 5 is an ideal choice for building a GIS system.

3. Main Functions
Basic Map Operations
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has the functions of map zoom in/out, pan, layer control, style setting, inner embedding, and other common, basic operation.

Map Edit and Display

Semi-automatic tracking vectorization has the automatic tracking interface for image format such as ECW and MrSID, and Grid data.
Map edit for 3D points and lines: directly edit 3D points and 3D lines.
Map rotate and edit
Dynamic projection display and edit
Interrupt, connect, clip, division, mirror image, rotate, node edition, etc.
Has editing snap functions to conveniently offer the positional relation between point and line, and between lines
Has raster and vector data conversion to convert raster dataset into polygon dataset and convert polygon dataset into raster.
Text filter
Freehand line
Customize mapping: active an event before drawing an object and the user can customize special disposal for their needs
Gradient and semi-transparent filling
Grid semi-transparent display
Selection mode and dot thematic map selected style
Controllable edit handle control: users can drag handle and rotate handle to control editing bjects as their want.

Thematic Map Creation
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has plenty of thematic maps: unique value thematic map, segmentation thematic map, graduated symbols thematic map, dot density, label thematic map, graph map, where the graph map includes: area graph, scatter, step graph, line chart, histogram/ 3D histogram, pie chart/3D pie chart, rose chart/3D rose chart, stack/3D stack graph, etc.

Express various kinds of data by proper format to reach the best effect by using these thematic maps.

Topological Processing and Analysis
The topoanalysis function in AvisMap GIS can rapidly and conveniently remove redundant vertices, lines, dangle lines, and small polygons, merge adjacent nodes and pseudo nodes, track and build polygons, build network. The data after topoanalysis can be use to build topological relationship, create polygon and report topological error information.

Powerful Analysis
AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has plenty of spatial analysis functions which include:

Grid analysis
Network analysis
3D modeling
Topographic analysis
Raster algebraic operation
Hydrology analysis: pit filling, flow direction creation, watershed delineation, drainage network extraction, etc.

Network Analysis

Finding closest facilities
Finding service area
Resource allocation
Dynamic barricade setting
Turning table: express straight-going, left and right turning and other road information
Filed filter: specified query field to filter analysis objects during analysis.
Selected network analysis: only process portion network analysis not for the whole network which improve analysis efficiency

Dynamic Segmentation
The dynamic segmentation in AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has route object (soGeoLineM) and dynamic event locator object (soDynamicEventLocator), where the route object fully support linear coordinate. The route object has the functions such as calculate, query, and locator for line and measurement for distance. The dynamic event locator object has locator function for dynamic line or point.

3D Modeling and 3D Analysis

Rapid display DEM with vast data size;
3D display vector graph;
Select query geographical objects in 3D viewer;
Amplify 3D display effect such as illumination, texture, fog, etc.;
Different formats of background texture;
Realtime 3D perspective, texture mapping, fly simulation, etc.; In 3D analysis and modeling, AvisMap GIS has functions show below:
Rapid create TIN ( Triangulated Irregular Network) and DEM ( Digital Elevation Model) by using contour and 3D discrete point;
Create TIN from DEM and create contour line from TIN; Moreover, AvisMap GIS has many other functions based on 3D analysis and calculation including:
Fill/cut calculation, range of inundation, visualization range, surface area, surface distance and capacity calculation;
Create hillshade.

Map Layout
The AvisLayout control in AvisMap GIS Engine 5 has ingenious map layout functions including label, art word, symbol, line, polyline, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, polygon, map, complex frame, north arrow, scale bar, legend, picture, table, and other reality objects. It provides the operations of clip, past, center, move, zoom, etc., for the above features, and multiple feature alignment, equidistance, grouping, etc., for optional map region clip. AvisLayout control supports different kinds of printers and graph plotters to process intelligence paging printing according to the page size and output the layout into a whole bitmap or paging output to bitmap.

Symbol and Line Library
AvisMap GIS 5 has tolerant points, lines and filling symbols. It has points, lines and filling editor inside the software, and import complex objects into symbol library in icon to display.

GML 3.0 Compatible
AvisMap GIS Engine 5.0 completely follows GML 3.0 standard for importing/exporting 7kinds of datasets such as points, lines, polygons, texts, networks, attribute tables and complex dataset.

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