Programmer needed (Game Project)


We are looking for a Programmer to join us in creating a game project, we haven't decided what this game is going to be yet, we are still throwing around ideas but before we decide on anything we would like to find more people to complete our Team, so we can all agree on an idea.

[b]Brief description[/b]
We want to create a game prototype based on that game idea, it will be freeware but after that we will create something bigger that hopefully will go commercial.

The idea behind this is that we want to improve our skills, get to know each other and have solid team work in order to create this commercial game.

[b]Team structure[/b]
Entropai - Programmer
tr1ck_dic3/Overflow - Designer
Naklajat - Artist
Necrostrife - Artist

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Thank you


  • I posted this in your link but thoguht Id post here too. Im currently studying Software Engineering (2nd year). I dont think i have too much to offer at this stage (I never actually had any experience programming till last yeay) but it really caught on and I wanna do more. I have a basic underatanding in C# and the OOP concept but this will diffently increase over time. Let me know if theres somewhere I can fit in.
  • I would gladly help. I program games. Could I help you out?
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