help with a simple game

first of all HI and thanks for any help given^^

i've created a game.... it's basically a drawing game, were you can color, past objects and such....

i was wonder is there a way that i can allow the user to cut out objects too...
i wanted them to be able to use the lasso tool and to free hand cut parts of the paper...
is this possible.... if so what's it called and can someone help me with the code....

i've looked online for tutorials but have had no luck....

again i appreciate any help^^


  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's very difficult. I'm not far enough to help you, but try to look for some sort of application like yours that's already made. Look at the code and try to understand and re-create it.

    function Me() {
    str1 = "ActionScript"; str2 = "PHP";
    trace(str1.concat(str2)); }
    Output: Skills.
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