Excel Macro major HELP needed, loading external data.

Hello all, I need some major help with a macro I am trying to complete. I have listed the details below and would greatly appreciate any advice/help/suggestions that you may have.

Thanks in advance!!!!

Macro Needed.
I need to access data from an excel document stored on a shared drive and load it into the open excel document. I have the code completed to locate the source file (as the location changes daily) and open in. The issue is with the data in the external file itself.

The external file has multiple colums. One of those columsn contains the $amounts I need and another has a refrence code. What I need is to identify all values in Column B with a numner between 1 - 999999999 and sum the $amount for those rows in column c, then take that $ amount and send it to the open work book row = todays date, column = K. The repeat this same process for column B values that contain "ACH" and column B values that contain a "W" in the external spreadsheet and move their $ sum to the open worksheet.

Hopefully I have not confused everyone with my explination, but please let me know if you have any questions so I can clarify.

Thanks again!!!!

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