Vb meets SQL in the Final Showdown

Hello All, First Post here, Well sorta!

I am writing a small program in VB express and trying to use SQL Express 2005 as a storage unit. To my understanding there is two ways of doing this

1 - connect to the sql database through your code (eg jet connection?)
2 - in visual basic actually import the connection to the database, and drag the tables on to the forms themselves.

I have tried the second one. When I change data in the data base (using F5 debugger), the database doesnt actually change (I have copy if newer set on properties) but the form has the new data when it loads.

When I publish this small program, it seems compelty independent of microsfft sql.

Is this cause the files it creates are mini databases?

If this method works, why would you ever want a program dependent on using a sql server?

Thank you!

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