Working on Star Trek RPG, want to get involved?

I am making a Star Trek RPG.
The rules are based off of Deciphers Star Trek Roleplaying game.
The Idea of the game is simple, because its an RPG, the graphics for the game is not as important as the content.

The game will primarily be like the old text based games.
There will be a map which changes locations as you go from place to place.
The Map will have an icon which moves with the keyboard arrow keys, as you move you'll have a text box on the bottom of the screen telling you what your character sees.

If you have experiance in creating RPS's or if your interested in creating one, please reply bellow or send me an e-mail
I have a small example on the internet for download if you would like to see what I have in mind.

What I need is someone who is familiar with bounding boxes, arrays, text based games, and RPG's.
If you have any of these skills great, if not, it would still be nice to have someone to work with.

If everything goes as planned I expect this game to be big, I am also using this game as a prototype for an online version that I'm hoping to create once I learn PHP.


  • I have always been a huge Star Trek fan and have been playing RPG since 1980. I have lots of experience in these areas.
    I am also going to school for Computer Programming.

    Can you tell me more about your project? And how I can help.

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