Connection problem


I'm having some difficulty with connecting an executeing sql statements against the sql server 2000. I'm working in vs2005. I used the folowing code:

SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection("user id=username;" +

"password=pass;server=servname;" +
"Trusted_Connection=yes;" +

"database=databasename; " + "connection timeout=30");




catch (Exception ef)


SqlCommand myCommand1 = new SqlCommand("delete tabele1", myConnection);
SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand("INSERT INTO tabele1(column1, column2) " +

"select month(s.column3),sum(s.column4) from tabele2 s group by month(s.column3) order by month(s.column3)", myConnection);myCommand1.ExecuteNonQuery();



catch (Exception er)

Problem is that that I get an error timeout expired or server not responding on the line myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();

When I compile the application 3 times then it works. First two times it throwse the exception, and after that it works fine. If I start the servers query analyzer of profiler withe the same name and password the program works fine from the first time. There is obviously some connection problem, but what....

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