Load another Form in Frame


I have a problem.
I've programmed in C# till now, but now i have to do something in VB6...
So i need help - i found nothing about my problem

I have a Main Form with 5 Buttons at the bottom and a picturebox at the top of the form.
This should always look the same. Now i want in between this picturebox and the Buttons a Frame (or something similar) where i can load other Forms into.

e.g. click on Button 1 - load form1 - click on Button 2 - load form2 and so on.

I hope there's a solution which i can use for this problem. I tried with a Frame but it's not the solution.

Thanks ;)


  • I have a same problem. So. anyone can help us?
  • : I have a same problem. So. anyone can help us?

    I don't know, how to load a form inside a form( in Microsoft Access you can do with a subform). Here the another possible way is to Use a 'Frame' Object. You can hide "Frame" or set it visible. Frame allows us to add any control in it.

    I hope this will solve your problems.

    Wish you good VB programing dayssssssssssss..............
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