SpiderByte team's Avalabile Jobs


[b]Team Name[/b]

[b]Team structure[/b]
The team structure follows a basic Game Development Grantt chart, which can be viewed at our forums. I am the team leader/owner/founder/etc. (djtrickdog/Spiderbyte)
I myself writes the storyline, oversees development, represents the team, etc. I will communicate with what i call Leaders. Leaders are Team members that are incharge of lower Team members. This includes Lead Artist, Lead Programmer, Producer, Lead Sound Designer, etc.
In order to sign up in a lead position, you must:
a. Have at least 2 people under you, and they must sign up for themselves.
b. Must hold qualities and skills needed and will help make the team strong.
c. Must have excellent communication skills
d. Must be active and available often.

[b]Current Project[/b]
Our current project is a fangame, which is Sonic - The Black Emerald. Our producer will be contacting Sega every other week and provided unlimited updates to make sure we are not crossing any Legal lines. The Game will be 100% freeware, and under Copyright law, we will NOT be paying our Team Members a salary, or any form of annual money. This means that [b]Spiderbyte team members work under a volenteery pace and recieve no money for it[/b].

[b]How the team will survive[/b]
The team will be holding numerous donation programs where Viewers and Team members can regularly donate money. All of this money will go 100% towards the team's development. We also will be selling numerous promotion accesories including T-Shirts, mouse pads, etc etc. Any extra money at the end of development will be split to team members for compensated work.us

[b]What we are looking for[/b]
Right now, we need a boatload of programmers. We also are looking for a producer's assistant, some 3d modelers, some texture,2d,and sketch artist.

[b]What the programmer needs to know[/b]
ALL programmers must have the following skills and requirments:
a.C++ knowledge (at least 1 year)
b.Worked with Ogre3d and other game kits numerous times
c.Can program Windows Gui apps such as a level designer for quick development.
d.Must be relatively active

[b]Where to find us[/b]
Your best bet of contacting us is directly on the Spiderbyte forums which you can access here:

[color=orange][b]EDIT: NEW VIDEO COME CHECK IT OUT AT [URL= [/b][/color]
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