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Translation requires a high level linguistic knowledge, but that's not enough. To make documents in different languages easy to understand, a thorough understanding of the source documents, as well as intimate knowledge in each field, is required. Our strict translation process will ensure you can get a satisfying translation.

1. Specialized Translation Team with more than 400 certified and accredited linguists, as well as specialized teams, which are capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements.
2. Professional Translation Teams with each translator having many years of translation experience. They not only are skilled in English, but also excel at one kind or another of specialized knowledge. Above 70% of our translators have worked or studied, for many years, in an English-speaking country, I.E., England, Australia, America, and Canada to mention a few. They know the local situations well.
3. Strict original manuscript distribution procedure where our experienced translators distribute your manuscript to a specialized suitable translator.
4. Monitoring and Tracking during the translation to solve any translation difficulties promptly. With large projects, we establish a team that will include our senior translators, professors and foreign experts. They will be responsible for the translation's integrity of style and it's coordination of specialized glossary. This will guarantee the quality of style and terminology.
5. Meticulous Proofreading, when the translation is complete, other translators will carefully proofread to check the manuscript for inconsistencies and errors.

Title: Business Interpreting Package Services:
The cheapest language often turns out to be the most expensive. We are supplying the most professional translation services plus a series of services which will facilitate your business trip to China.
1. Hotel booking: before you reach China, we can book a hotel and collect local business information for you.
2. Pick-up & Check-in: pick you up in the airport and help you to check-in;
3. Translation: a professional interpreter will accompany you all through your China trip.
4. Check-out & See-off: Before you leave China, we
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