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If you are missing a whole lot of posts you made on these boards, they might just have been removed since they were plain copy/paste of various problems without any effort made by the original poster, and without asking anything specific, but plain code begging.

No matter if the purpose was homework/work/hobby purposes, they will be removed, according to the posting policies of the C/C++ boards.

So please when you are posting asking for help, make sure to ask a specific question or post the code you are having trouble with.

Lundin / C++ moderator


  • Does this board support sticky threads? It would be great if it did (I am thinking this post in particular should be stickied..Its a great idea and I hope it reduces those types of posts )

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  • : Does this board support sticky threads?
    Yes, moderators should be able to see a "Make Sticky" link to allow them to do this. I'll leave it to Lundin to decide if it's appropriate for this thread.

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  • All boards support it. Stickied.

    I've been thinking about making a "posting FAQ" as sticky, with the [link=]posting policies[/link] in them etc. Though people who don't bother checking such, will probably not notice a sticky post either.

    There was talk of making a feature for moderators so that they could send out an automatic message to each user explaining why their posts were removed, but they have yet to implement it. It is no bother for me to remove homework posts etc, but people might be confused over why their posts suddenly disappear.

    Should I miss one post that you find offensive or against the posting policies, don't hesitate to send me a PM over the Programmer's Heaven mailbox.
  • Do not we get a private message automatically in case our post gets deleted or moved to some other category ?
    Does people get infraction or get banned for posting useless messages asking for doing their homework or getting readymade code for project assignment.

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  • There is unfortunately no automatic message, though I try to send one manually if I delete something. Off-topic posts can get moved without notice though.

    You will not get banned for code begging. Unless perhaps you are asking for criminal things, such as "how do I hack the license code for this program". Moderators have however no authority to ban, we can only pass on offensive posts to the webmaster.
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