ifstream and ofstream problem

I am programming using Visual studio C++, doing some win32 console application simple programs.
I am upgrading to visual studio 2008, and I cannot compile programs in C++ done with previous versions (6.0) because I always get a compiler error. For instance, if I write:

ifstream f("file.txt")

then the compiler tells me: "ifstream: undeclared identifier", although I have included fstream header file.

I am also having problems with two classes that I defined as "friends", but the compiler does not let me reference private members of one another...
Could someone tell me what to do?
Thank you.


  • Visual C++ 6 includes a horrible non standard C++ compiler, which is probably why you receive errors compiling in 2005. It was developed when C++ was not standardized yet.

    To fix the ifstream problem, try this:

    std::ifstream f("file.txt"); //...in your routine[/code]

    You can also use [b]using namespace std[/b] so you do not need to prefix with [b]std::[/b]. Be careful not to do this in header files, however.

    Can you post some code where you declare your friend classes?
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