Lead Programmer needed for OpenGL RPG demo

(NOTE: It is not certain that Rising Tide will be published to the Wii.)
Wii is Copyright Nintendo

So far, our project has made significant progress with our art and design, but we need an experienced programmer to lead the programming team. We are looking for somebody to lead a team of programmers over the internet and manage the programming side of the game's development.

[b]Our Team Name:[/b]
Rising Sun(unofficial)

[b]Some information on Rising Tide:[/b]

Rising Tide will be an RPG similar to Windwaker in gameplay(puzzles, battle system, and Monsters). This project aims to add many new concepts to that gameplay, such as a class system with 5 base jobs and 2 branching jobs from this. There will be 16 dungeons to explore, each having it's own theme, monsters, and puzzles. They are planned to be very large and offer days of gameplay. The battle system we have planned may be one of the most interactive yet. The battle system will have a variety of skills each with different effects(double jumps, AOEs, DOTs, and a range of projectiles). The actual game world will be very expansive, with not only massive continents to explore, but also a moon and mysterious unknown realms. Players will be immersed in a world that is unique and different, a world that is charming and dangerous. The storyline is centered around the event of a divinity being possessed by a monster. It is based on a Chronicle that tells of a shadow world that is inside of the moon. Long ago, the shadow world was sealed inside the moon, but that the seal is not permanent, and will one day be cracked open, releasing the unknown.

[b]What we are looking for in a lead programmer:[/b]

-Somebody that knows what they are doing and can give advice to junior programmers
-Somebody that has managed a project before is a plus, but not required.
-Somebody that can lead a team of roughly 10 programmers over the internet
-Somebody that has made a type of battle system before(a plus)
-Somebody who knows enough to create an engine from scratch(with other programmers)
-Artistic correlation(ability to communicate with artists) is a must

[b]Programs used:[/b]

From the information we have so far, we have decided on using OpenGL to program with. We will be making a small battle system demo, which will basically be a prototype shrine(dungeon) with some monsters and a couple puzzles, and then sending it along with an animated trailer to a publisher so that we can receive funding for the project. After we receive funding, we will get down to business and hire professionals to help finish up the project(The shrine demo will be only about 1/30th or less of the total project).


Everyone involved in the project will receive a fair share of the profit made on the game. Before the game is complete, we will be funded by a publisher and then that money will be distributed to everyone involved in the project. How we distribute the money will also depend on the publisher.

Target audience: all ages/PC users(possibly a console such as Wii)
Programming language: C/C++
Experience level: Senior Programmer equivalent(Anybody that knows what they are doing and are capable of leading a group of programmers)
Payment: Funds given by a publisher, and eventual extra profits will be distributed among developers(depending on the publisher's contract)



If you have any questions please reply to this thread or contact me at taelmx@gmail.com .

[b]The fun part, some of our concept art(and early soundtrack):[/b]





We also have a soundtrack:

All images and music (C) Rising Tide/Rising Sun
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