Convert raw drive data to PCM wav

I noticed a thread about converting wav to binary...

Im wondering if anyone can help me as I need to go the other way:

I have a Hard drive from a digital recording desk containing deleted audio.
The machine records in 16bit/44.1KHz PCM but works on its own OS and has no such features or interfaces to restore deleted content back to its previous TOC state... so the audio data is there, but inaccessable because the machine has allocated that space as empty due to (wrongly) deleting those tracks...

The drive is IDE so I can plug it into the PC and read the raw binary data with a number of generic hex/disk editors but what I need is a method or program that can find the PCM strings and let me make wavs...

can anyone help me here?


  • Well, PCM is just a chunk of headers followed by a load of samples. Try finding an audio editor that lets you open files as raw sample data, and set the sample rate manually as you open it, and then you can save it back as wave. I *think* GoldWave let you do that:

    But don't quote me on it, it's been years since I've last used it.


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