Is some limit being hit? N-th client gets "not enough storage..."

We have a client/server system relying on DCOM. Server is written in MSVC6, and client in VB6. The server is being instantiated with code:
[code]Set LocalServerVar = CreateObject("OurSrv.OurSrv.1", RemoteSrvIPAdressVar)[/code]The production system works for about 10 days before it produces error on client connect. All following client connect attempts are denied with same error.
The other production system works without errors, and we are unable to reproduce this error in our development environment (setting everything we think is relevant as on the production system in question).
We also changed the server's OS from Win2003 to WinXP with no effect (problem remains).

The error in question is:
-2147024888 (0x80070008)
Automation error
Not enough storage is available to process this command.
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